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I'm 19. I live in NY, NY. portfolio instagram
All Photographs are Mine

Ting Gong @ Ford Models shot by Michael Beckert for upcoming project about dreams, the USA, and models.

Shot on 35mm Film :)
oraangees: hi michael guess who

:):) yo yo stefro :P

justmeandmytea: Hi! I did a study/painting of a few of your photos and would love for you to see them ! Is there anyway I can submit them or something to you?

Of course! Thank you so much. I’m so incredibly honored. Please email them to me so honored. Thank you!

So grateful for all the new followers and reblogs! I have plenty of new work coming… Some of it’s finished and can’t be released, some of it’s being made right now, and some of it is being planned still.

I release little previews of projects on my Instagram sometimes though: @mykulbeckert

Hope everyone is having a relaxing and productive summer :)

radically-lamee: Do you have a flickr? i would love to follow you on there dude

yes —>  thanks thanks thanks