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I'm 19. I live in NY, NY. portfolio instagram
All Photographs are Mine

Anonymous: hey I am studying your work as part of my college project and was interested in what lighting/ camera effects you use to achieve the pink/ red lighting as seen on your portraits

Please email me here: and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have :) Thanks so much! 


A White Rabbit GIF designed by co-editor Sophie Epstein. 

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a project for Sophie Epstein and Emily May Jampel, for the release of their first art book under the moniker White Rabbit. This first issue is feating a new project by me, but also projects by so many incredible young and emerging artists. Please follow their tumblr- they’ll be posting exclusive work from the contributors. 

Asia Berry @ Ford Models shot by Michael Beckert for Zeum Magazine Editorial, Summer’s End,
Anonymous: How would you describe your style or aesthetic and the colours you choose to use?

In terms of the way I shoot my photographs and the way in which I achieve the colors I want, I’d say it’s all very natural. I do very little in post these days. But all together, I’d say my style has become somewhat surreal. Not the way Salvador Dali is surreal, but maybe more in the way Ryan McGinley is surreal. Not to say my work is similar to McGinleys’s, it’s not really, I just mean the moments I’m creating and or capturing often feel and look stunning, like Ryan’s do too. There’s this immediate “naturalness,” to McGinley’s work because everyone is nude, and running around in forests and things. But it’s funny, because there’s really nothing natural about being nude and running around in a forest. When was the last time you did that? So, at the same time, it’s sort of surreal. The subjects in my photographs are typically captured looking fairly normal, doing fairly normal things, but via lighting and angle I add an element of surreal. I’m really inspired by Dicorcia’s process, which is really similar to what I just described as my own.